About Carol Renee

Carol Renee believes that it is important all of us have the freedom to express ourselves in painting and drawing, just as children do.

About Carol Renee

Picasso said “Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life“.

Do come along, enjoy yourself and make new friends.

In my classes and workshops you will be encouraged to explore your own creativity and enjoy developing your artistic skills, finding your own styles and ways of working.

Everyone’s work is valued and each individual’s progress is celebrated.”

Carol’s Story

Carol Renee has been painting since early childhood, fascinated by colours and creative ideas. She graduated from the University of London in 1975.

Throughout her life her main media has been watercolour and she has washed soft English landscapes and vibrant still life paintings on to the paper.

As a tutor teaching art to adult artists over 30 years she has developed a wide range of imaginative styles to captivate her students. Her inspirations have come form Turner, klimt and Fairchild.

Carol Renee art

To keep with the artistic theme, Carol’s husband Pete Allen is a local Wedding & Events Pianist and Piano Tuner.